NOVEMBER 4, 2019

Always Have a Backup Plan

If our brides decide to have an outdoor wedding at Heyward Manor, we always encourage them to have a backup plan in case of inclement weather. We are excited to share the below video of one of the sweetest weddings – even though it turned out vastly different from how the bride and groom originally imagined.

This gorgeous bride, Rose, had always dreamed of having a lakeside wedding, and instantly fell in love with Heyward Manor’s grounds. Unfortunately, thunderstorms dominated her wedding day, but her wedding planner acted immediately, implementing the backup plan. The ceremony was moved to inside the Manor, but due to the torrential rain showers, it was critical for the transition from ceremony to reception to move quickly and seamlessly. Thus, Rose chose to seat many of her guests at their designated place settings for the reception. She then created a beautiful and intimate aisle for family and close friends. Once the ceremony ended and the bridal party exited the venue, the wedding planner simply moved the chairs from the aisle to the tables. This transition was quick and simple, and the guests never had to leave the venue.

While the backup plan was not the bride’s initial dream for her wedding, her special day turned out perfect. The florist moved all of the decorations, including the most beautiful cross, inside the venue, and her guests remained dry and comfortable throughout the evening. Furthermore, her wedding didn’t end up just being a backup plan – it was perfect. Thankfully, KSM Production captured it all on video.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2019

Every Heyward Manor Wedding is Unique

Whether our brides dream of having their weddings inside the Manor, beside our lake, in our meadow or offsite with their reception here following the ceremony, we are dedicated to giving them the very best. We understand that everyone has a different idea of what their perfect day will be, and our goal is to make the wildest dreams come true.

Once the wedding is over, the guests gone and the happy couple off on their honeymoon, we always look forward with great anticipation to seeing the photos captured from the day. These photos bring the bride’s vision to life and depict her incredible love story, and it’s our greatest joy knowing we are able to play a small role in that story.

Our very first bride chose to have her wedding ceremony in a nearby church and the reception following at Heyward Manor. A more formal affair, the couple selected black, floor-length bridesmaid dresses, classic tuxes for the groomsmen and gold accent pieces. Growing up on a tree farm, the bride dreamed of a magical forest reception, with full garland and sparkling candles as the table centerpieces. Greenery hung in the foyer beside an incredible moss wall which served as one-of-a-kind backdrop for photos. Every detail was perfect, and her incredible photographer, Sposa Bella Photography, captured it all.

*Note: Photos from Heyward Manor begin at the 3:40 mark of the video.

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